Corporate Policies

We believe in policies and we stick to them!

Corporate Policies

The commitments we make based on our company policies

Timely Delivery

Facilitating quality, safety, and punctuality in all our services

Immediate Response

Swift and apt responses to every requirement of our clients

Updated Technologies

Continuous refinement and up-gradation of the technologies in construction

VCPL feels dignified with the exceptional conduct and integrity of our personnel, exhibited in our projects from time to time. They act as the epitome of our excellence.

We believe in a lawful and ethical approach in every one of our projects. Thus, our strict compliance with the local laws and regulations is lauded and recognized by our clients as well as our associates all around the country.

With the perfect blend of sophistication and attention to detail, VCPL has built a place for itself among the prominent constructional enterprises, with the help of our skillful professionals and an unquenchable thirst for excellence.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

VCPL  is committed to ensuring a safe & healthy workplace. Also has measures to protect the environment. It is company policy that accident prevention of all employees is its prime concern. We believe all work-related injuries, illnesses, property losses, and adverse environmental impacts are preventable.

In order to fulfill this commitment, VCPL will:

  1. Ensure that management accepts full responsibility for protecting workers and the environment.
  2. To start work only after confirming that essential health, safety and environmental protection systems are in place, and willingly suspend activities if safety, health or the protection of the environment would be compromised.
  3. Give health, safety and environmental considerations equal status with the Company’s other business objectives and integrate them into all aspects of our work.
  4. Encourage engineers and workers (employees and contractors) to be individually responsible for identifying and eliminating hazards, preventing injury to themselves and others, and preventing adverse environmental impacts.
  5. Ensuring insurance coverage like workmen compensation policy, 3rd party insurance policy , road accident policy and also CAR policy for all its regular and contract employees and also its 3rd parties involved in the project .
  6. Protect the Environment and Reduce Occupational, Health, and Safety Risks in the work process.
  7. Practice pollution prevention methods wherever feasible and work towards the prevention of injury and ill health in construction activities.
  8. Minimize waste generation, air emissions, and other discharges from our activities to the environment.  Actively monitor, audit and review to improve systems, processes, health, safety, and environmental performance.  As a minimum, ensure regulatory compliance at all times.
  9. Organize regular toolbox meetings before the start of any work wherein the unskilled employees are educated.
    • 10. Provide and maintain properly engineered facilities, plants, and types of       equipment.
    • 11. Hold subcontractors accountable for adhering to the Company’s health, safety, and environmental policy and audit contractor systems and procedures to ensure satisfactory health, safety, and environmental performance.
    • 12. Hold supervisors accountable for ensuring and promoting a safe and healthful workplace and the protection of the environment within their areas of responsibility by ensuring that workers are knowledgeable and have access to:

          a. publications of the latest applicable laws and regulations

          b. health, safety, and environment rules and safe work standards

          c. operating and critical task procedures

          d. emergency response procedures

          e. environmental protection requirements

  • 13. Hold workers at all levels accountable for being fit for work at the beginning and throughout their shifts and when on call. Develop, implement and manage a system of accountability for health, safety and environment roles and responsibilities at all levels of the company.
  • 14. Create awareness on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment by team work, training and meaningful communication of HSE Policy to employees, persons working on behalf of the organization and relevant interested parties.
  • 15. Inform employees and contractors of this policy, and make it available at all Company worksites.
  • 16. We firmly believe responsibility for application of this policy rests with management, employees and contractors associated with our Company.

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